My parents gave me my first camera - a Kodac Instamatic - when I was 10 years old. I spent many happy hours experimenting and exploring with it and since that time, I now seldom travel anywhere without my camera.

My photography is based on portraying the immense diversity of our world from a personal perspective. A visual diary of encounters and places I have explored and visited.

My home on Dorset's 'Jurassic Coast' boasts one of our most beautiful and historic coastlines - an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the perfect environment for photography and as a result, features heavily in my images.

Photography plays an integral role in my other business Moth Design - developing my client-based photography and covering a wide range of subjects for businesses and individuals alike.

For those who are starting out with DSLR photography and require some help, I also offer one-to-one training and workshops.

Andrew Blackmore